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Parc de la Ciutadella

marzo 27, 2015

Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella is a district of Barcelona. It is a green area of the city, built at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays the place is very popular with both locals and tourists, so the park is usually very crowded. People love to do sports or take long walks in this park. Park de la Ciutadella is an unbelievably vivid place with a very peaceful atmosphere. It is the most appropriate part of Barcelona for those who have kids and want to relax and spend some time closer to nature. It is located next to the beach of La Barceloneta and the Olympic Village. It is very close to the centre of Barcelona, but if needed there is also a train station nearby and a possibility to go there by bus.

The History of the Park

In the 1714 century the area of the park was conquered by Felipe V. He decided to build fortifications in the area of this park, which was at that time called La Ribera. Though there were about 8000 inhabitants, the buildings were destroyed and the inhabitants, who were now left homeless, had to live in the coastal area of Barcelona. The fortress was built by the locals against their own will and since the Barcelonians loathed it, later on in 1814 it was decided that the fortifications should be destroyed. It was only in 1877 when the work on this amazing park was begun.

Barcelona Zoo

A great part of the park is taken by the Barcelona Zoo which is one of the most popular places of interest of the park. It offers you various guided tours. It was famous for the albino gorilla Snowlake, who died just a few years ago. The zoo leads you further to the Olympic Village.

The Fountain

Here you can find an iconic and really impressive fountain by Josep Fontsere called the Cascada. The Cascada was designed by Josep Fontsere and partly by Antoni Gaudi, who was then just an assistant and student of Fontsere. It was placed here in 1888 and was a part of the Universal Exhibition.

The Lake

The lake of the park is usually used for boating. It also gives an exotic and romantic atmosphere to the landscape of this park.

The Museums

There are also two museums in the park of Citadel – geological and zoological. The museum of zoology is a great extension of the zoo and it offers a really wide range of exhibitions.

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