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Paradores de Turismo

marzo 25, 2015

Paradores de Turismo

We invite you to discover Spain in a very original way: through its Paradores de Turismo. This is not a conventional lodging. Staying in Paradores is staying in old castles, palaces and buildings steeped in centuries of history. Real monuments offer all the comforts of the twenty-first century and allow you to experience the culture of spain. It’s a unique experience that you will not want to miss for anything. Paradores are much more than a hotel. This is an original and different proposal, to apprehend all the magic of Spain.

The property you have chosen for your stay will provide you endless possibilities of activities: golf overlooking the sea on the Costa del Sol. Under a sun that shines all year, enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in the heart of the beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees. Also travel to Cazorla Natural Park in Andalusia. And then venture into the wildest places in this Biosphere Reserve; discover the delights of the gastronomy of Spain, rich in flavors that can fill the most demanding palates. You can also observe the stars and the moon from the Teide, the highest peak of this great country and walk along the flanks of lava … These are just a few suggestions of Paradores de Turismo. With the Paradores, be sure to experience unforgettable sensations. You will discover the heritage, nature, folklore and history of Spain while staying at institutions with singular charm, many of which are real architectural gems rehabilitated as part of the heritage of Spain. Some are historic buildings, others are newer, but they all share a common concern for quality and comfort, and a personalized and careful service.

The Paradores offer all types of activities: cultural routes, children’s activities, art exhibitions, workshops and lectures, plays, adventure tourism, etc. You will create unforgettable moments to live with your partners, families or friends. Nothing is left to chance: the greatest care is given to every detail to make your stay a pleasurable one.

The first Parador opened in 1928. At present, some 93 that exist throughout Spain offer a total hotel capacity of 10,000 seats. More than half are located in historic sites and nine of them in cities classified as world heritage by UNESCO. We encourage you to explore Spain through this network of institutions. Enjoy the sunshine and beaches of Spain, its nature, gastronomy, historic heritage, its recreation and its sports. Visit and succumb to the charm of the Paradores. It’s now or never.

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